The year I found Manny (2019), there was a Pride Parade in Ypsilanti. I told a gay friend that I was going to be judging. And to my relief most everyone acted respectfully and decently so my judgement was forgiveness. When I was walking home I saw a small, about one square foot, rainbow on a mismatched board of a local Church. Maybe a month later I was in my apartment, and I put on a chartreuse green hoodie which I had cut the hood off of, and a golden sash from a cut up bivouac tent. Without thinking what I was wearing I started walking into town. When I realized what I was wearing I turned around to go back to my apartment, and I saw a rainbow. It was raining on me, but the sun was out too. The rainbow began to stretch below the horizon in the mists, coming up to my right hand and leaving by my left forming a complete circle, except for directly in front of me where my body blocked the sunlight. Directly behind me was True Vine Church where the little rainbow was projected earlier. It’s said it’s impossible to make it to the end of the rainbow, yet that’s exactly where I’ve been. I take it as a sign to let love and forgiveness win out in all things.